Forging / Casting Engine Camshaft For TOYOTA 5R 13511-55040 13511-44040

Detailed Product Description
OEM: 13511-55040 ; 13511-44040 Engine Code: 5R
Material: Forging And Casting Brand: TOYOTA

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Camshafts for other engines as the following:


-Mitsubishi 4G13, 4G15, 4G33, 4G54, G54B, 4G63, 4G64, 4D30, 4D31, 4D32, 4D34, 4D55,

4D56, 4D40, 4M40, 4M40T,


-Isuzu 4ZD1, 4ZE1, 4BC2, 4BD1, 4BD1T, 4BE1, 4JA1, 4JB1, 4HE1T, 4HF1, 4Y, C190,

C223, C240, G161Z, 493,


-Toyota 2J, 2L, 3L, 5L, 1B, 2B, 3B, 2C, 1HZ, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 5R, 12R, 22R, 2F, 3F, 1RZ, 2RZ,

1FZ, 1C, 4AC, 11B, 13B, 1KZ, 2H, 3RZ, 2E, 5E, 2JZ, 3C, 1DZ, 1Z, RF18, 5S


-Suzuki F10A, F8A, F8B, G13, G13B, G16B, G10B, F6A, F5A


-Mazda WL84, WL51, HP43, RD, RF, FE, F8, B2500, B2200, E5, SL, HL4003


-Daewoo Racer1.5, Matiz, Prince2.0, Daewoo C, Tico, Opel 1.8, Corsa 1.4, Corsa1.6, Cielo,


-Hyundai D4BH, H100, 4H26, G4HC, County


-Kia G4ED DOHC, G4EA, Pride1.3L, K2700, J2


-Peugeot 206/307 DOHC, 405 1.8L XUD7, 405 1.9L, 405 2.0L, 405 1.6L XU5, 505,



-Fiat NJ715, 8140,450(3 cylinders)


-Volkswagen AAB, AP, 1Y, Bora 1.8L DOHC, Santana


-Ford F500, T12, T15, NAW, NAX, N6T, RFA, RFM, F23Z


-Audi BC059109022BC, BQ059109021BQ, BD059109022BD, BC059109021BC